Home Heating Oil Payment Options to suit your unique needs

Home Heating Oil Payment Options

Allan Stobart Payment Options

As a local fuel supplier for thousands of homes across Cumbria and Southern Scotland, and with recent world events causing price increases, we have seen a large increase in queries regarding payment options for home heating oil. 

Below, we have listed the various payment options we offer to our customers:

Allan Stobart’s Savers Plan: 

This option allows the customer to set up a Direct Debit and a nominated amount is collected and credited to your account. When it is time to place an order, there will be an amount within your account to use towards the balance of the order. If there is not enough funds saved within the account at the time of placing an order, the balance will need to be paid prior to delivery. 

Tracking your balance is simple – we will send out a quarterly account statement via email for your records or you can check the status of your account via our sales team on 016974 76575. 

 Our savers plans can be used in conjunction with the buying groups. 

allan stobart savers plan
allan stobart payment plan

Varied Amount, Fixed Day Direct Debit 

A more flexible option to a standing order is our varied amount, fixed day Direct Debit. This option is the simplest and most convenient way to make regular, or occasional, payments and means that payments can be made on time even if you are on holiday or busy with other things. 

The Direct Debit can be set-up over the phone with our Sales team with a confirmation letter sent via email. You can place your order online or via our sales team and once it has been delivered, we will then send you an invoice, via email, detailing the quantity delivered and the total cost. The payment will then be taken on the 15th of the following month. 

To set-up a VFDD, please call our sales team on 016974 76575 or email adminoffice@allanstobart.co.uk


We have recently launched a new website which includes a variety of new features such as receiving quotes and placing orders online and a live chat option. However, we are also adding an Accounts feature giving you access to your delivery information and savers balance. This balance can be used when placing an order online. 

We are hoping to launch these additional features in September 2023. To sign up for our Savers Plan, please call our sales team on 016974 76575 or email adminoffice@allanstobart.co.uk

allan stobart coming soon

Other Payment Methods 

Alternatively, you can pay for your fuel by credit or debit card over the telephone or send a BACS payment (this information can be found at the bottom of your invoice). We also accept cheques (made payable to Allan Stobart Lubricants & Fuels) which can be sent to: Low Currigg, Raughton Head, Dalston, Carlisle, CA5 7DX.