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Agricultural Additives

Protect and prevent your fuel, tank and machinery with our specialist lubricants and additives!

Throughout the year, it is essential to maintain your farming machinery to ensure that they operate efficiently – saving you both time and money. Whether you are cultivating land, raising animals, or are producing products, food and fibre, the equipment that is being used needs to be protected – and so does the fuel being used. The purpose of adding a red diesel additive is to improve the fuel’s lubricity, increase its cetane rating, and to improve its performance in cold temperatures. 

red diesel additives

The additives can also contain detergents and dispersants to help keep the fuel system clean and prevent deposits from forming on the fuel injectors and other engine components. There are also additives that contain anti-gelling agents to prevent the fuel from solidifying on cold weather. Alongside protecting your fuel in the cold weather, it is also essential to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms in fuel tanks and fuel systems. If the microorganisms are allowed to grow, it can lead to numerous problems such as clogged fuel filters, decreased fuel efficiency and corrosion of the fuel system components. 

Anti-bug protect additives work by creating an environment that is hostile to the microorganisms, typically by altering the pH level or oxygen content of the fuel. We also have anti-bug kill additives which contains biocides, which are the chemicals that kill microorganisms. These additives can be particularly useful for vehicles and equipment that are not used regularly, as they can help to prevent the build-up of microbial growth in the fuel tank during periods of inactivity. 

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